VR Racing Simulator 

Lancashire's first and only Full-Motion VR Racing Simulator!

If you're a fan of any driving games or driving sports then you will absolutely love this new simulator we have just bought. 

The chair is powered by a motor which gives it the ability to thrust you in any direction upon any movement within the game 

RileyHD drining simulator

As this racing simulator is a brand new investment for us, we have only the one game running for it a the moment which is Project Cars 2. Project Cars 2 is a racing game which you can choose all conditions of your races such as your car, your racing track, the weather conditions, how many laps, and how many other cars you will be competing against. There are hundreds of cars to select and many different tracks. 

The racing simulator could be played on any monitor to make it even more immersive for you, we have attached a virtual reality headset to it, the Oculus Rift S, to make it feel like you are in the race, not just playing a game 

This is the launch trailer for Project Cars 2 and it shows exactly what the game is. Different cars on all different tracks in a race to finish first. 

As you have the option to choose your cars and tracks,you can choose whether to challenge yourself in a masterful street race or just enjoy yourself on one of the speedways