What we're all about

Infinite Reality is a new virtual reality arcade coming to give Rossendale what it has been missing. Technology has took the next step and now it’s our turn. Jump in to the world of virtual reality and experience a brand new phenomenon. Here at Infinite Reality, you can experience virtual reality in the best way with our top-spec equipment and feel like it is your own reality. This is a facility where you can book your own space whether it be 1, 2 or 3 hours and just chill out. If it’s after school or after work, you are never too old to enjoy yourself


Virtual Reality

Top-spec PCs will be running the virtual reality at top speed for flawless gameplay, unparalleled single player campaigns and multiplayer games. Whether your choice be a zombie shooter such as Arizona Sunshine or walking the plank from the tallest building, there is a game for all

Multiplayer Play

If you’re one of the people who gets bored of playing solo, VR offers multiplayer games also so you can play with people across the world whilst still in VR. There are several games types for this whether it be hanging out in VRchat or playing on the battlefield with Onward. The choice is yours 


We understand that intense gaming sessions can make you both hungry and thirsty and we’re here to provide for you. Drinks and food are available behind the bar for whenever you are in need, just make sure if you’re looking for a hot meal, make us aware upon booking